Tarot- February 21st, 2016

This is yet another reading that really speaks to me personally,  though I asked what the week held for anyone who reads this.   As it’s mostly my husbear and I reading these posts so far,  I suppose that makes sense.   :0)

This is my favorite deck,  and the one I use for my daily tarot work.   It’s the Sacred Circle Tarot from Anna Franklin and Paul Mason.   I’ve been using it since my early 20s, and I really love that the themes of the cards are Pagan,  but the traditional symbolism is still there.   It does drive me a little crazy that The Fool is replaced by The Green Man,  but I’ve never come closer to a deck that seemed ‘right’  to me,  though I’ve done a lot of looking.

My sister and I throw a Tea and Tarot afternoon for my mother every Mother’s Day.   My sister,  who is very psychically sensitive,  always asks me to read with these cards,  no matter which other cards are on the table.   She says she can feel a lot of power from them.   That makes me happy.   🙂


Tarot pull Feb 21
Tarot pull Feb 21

In the past position,  we have the Ace of Cups.   In this deck,  the word for this card is spirituality,  but in my research,  this card represents new love.   In the context of this reading,  with the sword/air cards,  I’m more inclined to choose spirituality as the meaning.   So this is spirituality in its purest form,  unadulterated by the outside world.   This is the Holy grail that we drink from to replenish ourselves.   In this position,  we’re drawing from our deep spirituality that we’ve developed over our lives.

In the present position,  we have the Page of Swords,  which can represent thought or messages.   We’re thinking about this spirituality that has sustained us through our past.   I like this idea.   I feel like it’s a good thing to ‘check in’  with our beliefs and our values,  to question ourselves about whether our spiritual practices are still meaningful or if they’ve become routine.   Have our beliefs possibly even changed?

In the future position,  we have the King of Swords.   To me,  this is more of an outwardly directed card than the Page of Swords.   The Page is lost in thought,  the King has considered everything and is now ready to communicate and share his thoughts with the world.

On the selfish side,  I would like to think that this is about me finishing the editing on my novel, which is firmly rooted in my spirituality and spiritual community.  I just need to make that final push (and get over my self-criticism) so that I can share it with the world.

What do these cards mean to you?   Are you considering a creative or communication project based in your spirituality?   Please let me know.

Blessed be!   🙂


  1. David mgrath says:

    Thank you for sharing this. I also find myself at the edge or beginning of a completion, starting performing with voice and guitar and getting some song lyrics done. Still playing mando in irish band. At coven gatherings I am able to contribute to rhythm with guitar. But solo performing to me is like finishing a novel, a complete character to bring lyrics to life.

    1. I’m so excited for you! Please say there will be videos posted…. 🙂

  2. davemcgrath says:

    Sunday singing solo on a song called “Japanese Bowl”, and intend to ensure it gets on video. Here’s a version by the composer, Peter Mayer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qOAzobTIGr8

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