Oracle- February 14th, 2016

Sorry this post is a little later in the day than I intended.   It’s Valentine’s Day,  which my husband and I take very seriously.   We had a great day that started with adopting a new rat (a friend for our pet Stanley) from a friend.   Then when we came home,  Bear surprised me with one of his vday presents,  which was letting me shave his head.   We’d been discussing the pros and cons for months.   He looks devastatingly sexy,  BTW.  Then we had our annual Valentine’s Day fondue glut,  which we’ve done almost every year we’ve been together.   It goes back to the first vday we spent together in Maryland.   I took him to The Melting Pot since he’d never had fondue.   We ended up cracking ourselves up so much that the other patrons and waitstaff started giving us the evil eye.   It’s obviously better for everyone involved if we eat our fondue at home.   🙂

I’m also departing from my usual tarot theme and using an Oracle deck instead.  Specifically,  this is the Tea Leaf Fortune Cards from Rae Hepburn.   I had been searching for this deck for almost a year,  but it’s out of print.   I finally found this copy on Ebay at a reasonable price,  and begged him for it.   It’s absolutely the best present I could have hoped for,  though I’ve been so busy I haven’t had a chance to use it yet.

I decided to continue with my simple 3 card reading,  but with this one,  I used the included astral house cards.   The astral cards are general concepts like love,  success,  wealth,  etc.   Then I drew the actual tea leaf cards to expand on the general concepts.

Here we go.


Oracle Feb 14
Oracle Feb 14

I found it really interesting that the cards I pulled today were Love,  Marriage,  and Happiness.

In the past position,  we have love.   The Wheel card below says ‘Indecisiveness. Allowing your life to ramble aimlessly.’   I feel like this is showing how we tend to plod along in our lives,  dealing with the status quo,  and we forget the absolute miracle of the love we have in our lives.  It’s easy to forget sometimes,  being so concerned with the daily grind.

In the present position,  we have marriage,  and the Hat card.   Hat says ‘You will be playing a different role’.   Maybe we’ll take more responsibility for showing our partners how much we care?  Maybe they will?  At least for us today,  we had a lot of fun.   That’s not our normal.  We’re usually broke and working hard.

In the future position,  we have Happiness and the Tankard card.   The Tankard card says ‘Celebration,  fun,  enjoyment.’  So there are still good times ahead!   Hopefully the spirit of the fun we had this Valentine’s Day will continue on for the next few weeks or months.

I hope you all had an amazing Valentine’s Day as well!


I also want to take a moment and express some gratitude for all the love I’m fortunate enough to have in my life.   My friends are fabulous,  my husbear is divine,  and my boyfriend is fucking awesome.   I’m a lucky woman.



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