Tarot- February 7th, 2016

Since I used my oldest deck last week, I decided to use my newest deck this week.  This is Witches Tarot by Ellen Dugan, which I bought for myself as a late birthday present.  I haven’t blessed it yet, but I have played with it quite a bit to get a feel for the energy of the cards.  I like the art, I like the dark borders, and it reminds me a little of my favorite deck, which I’ll probably draw from next week.

So let’s get to the reading…

Tarot February 7
Tarot February 7

In the past position, we have the Emperor turned on his head.  The Emperor is usually about control and being in a leadership role.  He’s a problem-solver.  In the reversed position, it shows that there are things in our past that we couldn’t control and perhaps we lost our way a little.

In the present position is the 6 of cups.  This card is also about light-hearted play, about imagination.  It’s also about family, friendship, and those things that help us make good memories.  So while we can’t go back and change our past, we can certainly do our best to enjoy the present.

In the future position, we have the King of Pentacles reversed.  This card indicates materialism, brooding, worry, and not being willing to work for the financial security you desire.  To me, this indicates that we shouldn’t spend so much time worrying about our future, we should look back to the 6 of cups and relearn how to play.

So for this week, I would say to focus on making happy memories now.  Don’t worry about the future, that is the way to anxiety, and don’t worry about the past, because there’s nothing we can do to change it.  Just try to take some time out, show the people you love how much they mean to you, and HAVE SOME FUN.  🙂

Blessed be!  🙂


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