Full Moon Journal Prompts

I’ve been using these quite a lot since I brainstormed them a few moons ago. I used to just free-journal on the full moons, but I felt like I wanted something a little more attuned to the astrology of the sign that the moon was in. If you use them, let me know what you think!

January– Stillness and silence. Waiting.
Cancer- How can I nurture myself and those I love during this cold, bleak month?
Leo- How can I bring warmth and joy into the cold?

February– Self love and self care.
Leo- How do I deserve to be worshipped?
Virgo- How can I focus on wellness right now? What can I do to heal myself?

March– Growth and new life.
Virgo- What can I do to organize myself for the coming Spring/busy season?
Libra- How can I achieve a balance between my inner world and my outer world?

April– Expansion and beauty.
Libra- How can I create more beauty in my life?
Scorpio- How can I bring the lusty spirit of the season into my life?

May– Lustiness and social growth
Scorpio- How can I explore the darkness at this light time of the season?
Sagittarius- What can I explore?

June– The sun and illumination
Sagittarius- Where is the spirituality of this time of the year?
Capricorn- How can I bring the spirit of hard work into the season to ensure a good

July– Activity and hard work
Capricorn- What have I mastered this year?
Aquarius- How can I use the momentum of this time of year to benefit humanity?

August– Harvest and sustenance.
Aquarius- What is the big picture of this Summer? What have I learned?
Pisces- How can I begin the process of withdrawal for the colder months to come?

September– Harvest and gratitude
Pisces- What are my spiritual and emotional goals for the dark side of the month?
Aries- How can I get the most out of this harvest?

October– Ancestors and going within
Aries- What do I still have to do out in the world before I can retreat to my inner
Taurus- How can I create beauty and comfort in my home for the winter months?

November– Gratitude and planning for the holidays
Taurus- How can I bring beauty into the lives of those I love for the holidays?
Gemini- How will I navigate being social with family during this introverted time of

December– Celebration and family
Gemini- Who do I enjoy in my family? Who is difficult for me?
Cancer- How do I show those I love how much they mean to me?

Blessed be and happy full moon! <3