Road Opener Magick

Road opener magick is a concept that comes from conjure traditions, though it has analogs in several other traditions as well. In fact, roads themselves have often been seen as sacred, and there are several deities that are dedicated to roads and pathways. (Elen of the Ways, Hekate, Ganesh, etc.) Roads are not only our connection to the outside world, and our connection with each other, but also our means for propelling ourselves forward in life. Life path work often summons the image of a road to explore your life’s journey itself.

What path am I on? Is this the right path? How do I get where I need to go? Who am I bringing along for the journey? These are all questions we should be asking ourselves as we move along in our lives.

So road opener magick is a way to clear those paths for us, and help us along in our journey. This can take several different forms, as we oftentimes need to remove blockages. We can try to open the roads of our career path, our relationships, our luck, or anything else where you may feel that your way is blocked and your energy is stagnant.

When I was looking for some correspondences for road opening in Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Correspondences, I found two sections of note on pages 101 and 102. ‘Obstacles (To Overcome)’ and ‘Opportunities (To Find, Open To, Attract)’. And those two things are the very heart of Road Opener Magick.

Herbs and Essential Oils for Road Opening

To overcome obstacles: blackthorn, bluebell, broom, dragon’s blood, hibiscus, high John, locust, mistletoe, myrrh, orris root, sage, spikenard, sunflower, sycamore, wormwood

To attract opportunities: bergamot, heather, hyacinth, lily of the valley, raspberry, vervain

Stones for Road Opening

To overcome obstacles: azurite, bloodstone, blue lace agate, carnelian, kunzite, moonstone, obsidian, opal, peridot, petrified wood, smoky quartz, spinel, sugilite, tourmaline

To attract opportunities: aventurine, calcite


So what do you do to open the roads for yourself on your life path? Do you have any charms or chants that you can share? Let me know in the comments.

Blessed be! <3