Dollar Store Magick

I know I’ve seen this concept explored in various blog posts, TikToks and YouTube videos, but I wanted to do it for myself, just to see what I could find. So a friend and I loaded up and set out to see what kind of wonderful witchy wares we could find at the Dollar Tree.

I suspect that if we had gone earlier, like in October, we would have found a lot more things that could be used in a ritual capacity, but as it was, everything Yule was featured. So I shopped for Yule goodies (obviously) and their regular stock. I did find some good things!

Chalices- I found both plastic wine glasses (which can be used safely for outdoor rituals- and can be washed and reused to mitigate the impact on the environment) and glass wine glasses (which can be painted on, decorated with silk flowers, or etched with runes or other symbols with glass etching cream.

Bubbles- Found in with the wedding favors. These can be used with air magick or in making wishes and sending them out into the universe.

Organza bags and coin purses- For making charm bags or just carrying stones and herbs around in your purse.

Candles- OK, so these aren’t the best quality candles, but if you’re looking for something inexpensive that will do the job, here ya go. They have a good selection of unscented candles too, which you can dress in your own magickal oils and herbs. And if you buy candles in glass containers, you can reuse the glass jars when you’re done burning them to organize stones or trinkets.

Mirrors- Use these in glamor and self-love magick. You can find small compacts to use on the go, or hand mirrors for use at your altar.

Ritual dishes- Camping can be rough on dishes, but paper and plastic dishes aren’t that great for the environment. So buy some cheap, reusable dishes that you don’t necessarily care about at the dollar store. If they get broken, no biggie.

Offerings- In this modern world, I’d like to imagine that deities and spirits like candy. And there’s a huge selection of candy to choose from here.

Bath goods- Again, these aren’t the best quality, but if you’re on a budget and need some self-care, this is a great option.

Altar/tarot reading cloths- Bandanas are just great. There are so many uses. You can use them as reading cloths for tarot or oracle, and you can even wrap your deck in them for storage. You can also fill them with herbs and pop them in the bathtub for an herbal bath ‘tea’. You could also put a few together to make an altar cloth. Or wrap up some stones and tie the bandana shut for a quickie sachet.

Yarn or jute rope- For doing knot or weaving magick. You can even braid them into bookmarks for your Book of Shadows. Or knit/crochet an altar cloth.

Jingle bells- These can be used in combination with the yarn above to make protective witch’s bells for your front door. Bells are also thought to purify a space by scaring away evil spirits.

Photo frames- Use these to make altar pieces with pictures of your deities, or you can spraypaint the back of the glass (the side that faces the inside of the frame) black to make a scrying mirror. You can also paint the back of the glass in silver or gold and use the frame as a tray for candles in glass containers.

Containers, containers, containers- This is where the real bargains are. You can find containers for herbs, bottles for oils or potions, and baskets to organize your altar goods. I mean, what witch doesn’t love an empty jar or bottle? I bought one of these bottles to store my kitties’ whiskers in so I can do protection magick over them.


So next time you need some witchy goods or just want to do some shopping for potential ritual items, give your local dollar store a try. You might be surprised at what you can find!

What about you? Do you shop at your local dollar shop for Pagan-flavored goodies? Let me know in the comments and blessed be! <3