Honey Jar Spellwork

Honey is sacred. It just is. Think about it…

The sun shines down and the rains fall, the soil nurtures, and flowers result. So bees collect the pollen from the flowers, and create honey. Honey is just distilled sunlight. And you can see it in the color. A golden, viscous liquid that has an intense sweetness, reminiscent of the flowers that the pollen came from. Could anything be more sacred than that?

So it makes sense to honor it in ritual and spellwork. The main property of honey is ‘sweetening’ something. So this can sweeten a situation that’s gone sour, a relationship that needs some extra help, or even our own attitudes. Here are some ways to use a honey jar in your magick.

Love: A honey jar can be used to sweeten a relationship, or as a general love drawing spell. Personally, I would ask my honey’s permission before I did a spell over our relationship, but you do you, boo. Use love-drawing or enhancing herbs and stones in your money jar, like rose quartz for love, carnelian for sexuality, and rose petals for anything you want (depending on the color you choose). And be sure to write your petition on paper or parchment to fold up (fold towards you) and put in the jar. Then drizzle with honey until it’s mostly covered while envisioning your best love, and there you have it! This can also be a great friendship drawing spell as well!

Money and Career: I currently have a money-drawing honey jar on my desk behind my monitor. The idea is to sweeten my financial energy and draw money to me. You can also use a honey jar to sweeten your days at a difficult or troubling job. Or maybe use it to draw an entirely new career for yourself. Just remember to add your money and career stones and herbs, like cinnamon for wealth, aventurine for growth, and citrine for pure money energy. Write that petition and fold it towards you as you envision money coming to you, drop it in, and let it draw the money energy you need as you drizzle honey over the top. You can also add a dollar or more to the honey jar, as like attracts like.

Health: Sun energy is so good for healing, as it shines a light onto the unhealthy parts and sends energy that way. You can imagine the honey infusing your body with the health and light that you need. Healing herbs and stones, like citrine for general health, lavender for healing and stress relief, and clear quartz to direct energy where you need it will all work! Write your petition, and maybe draw or include a picture of the body part or area that especially needs healing. Fold the petition toward you and drop it into the jar before you add the honey. You can also add healing sigils to your money jar!

Are you getting the idea? A honey jar is used anytime that you want to draw something to yourself. It will sweeten your situation and make things easier for you. I do recommend topping up your honey jar periodically, however, perhaps during the full moon or every few months. You can also add more stones, herbs, charms, or other objects to your jar at this time.

Let me know what you come up with for your honey jar! Blessed be! <3