Wanted: Pagan writing group

So I’ve been rounding out 2015 by going through my Create Your Shining Year workbooks, and I’ve been following some groups on Facebook that are doing the same.   Already, I’ve joined two spinoff groups, one for tarot and one for writing.  I wish I was finding what I needed with the writing group, but there just isn’t anything there I can use yet, other than quasi-inspirational memes and a couple of people using the group as their own personal platform.  It’s just not terribly helpful.

Thinking about that brought me back around to the seed of something I mentioned in my 2015 workbook.  Joining a writing group.  And I did!  I joined a lovely small group of women who met every other Sunday for a while to write and talk about what we were writing.  I enjoyed it immensely, but life stuff has kept us from continuing on with our meetings.  Also, while everyone in the group was incredibly inspirational and open-minded, I was the only open Pagan there, and I did sometimes feel uncomfortable talking about the spiritual themes in my writing, which are very important to me.

Incidentally, I also took a huge leap and read something out loud during a writing workshop at Dragon*Con.  It was a huge step for me to stand up and actually read something I’ve written, even though it was a short, stream-of-consciousness piece.  I was proud of myself for days after that.

When I look at 2016, I realize that I want more of that feeling.  I want to be part of a small, intimate group of people who are passionately writing- not thinking about writing, not talking about writing, but actually writing.  I need that.  I need the accountability and inspiration of living up to the examples of other writers I admire.  I would also love it if this group was Pagan, or very spiritually open-minded, as I want to feel comfortable talking about Pagan themes in my work.  I would like to start a Slack group, so that we can stay in touch throughout the week, but set up a weekly meeting time where we meet up on Hangouts or Skype.   I would like it if we started by talking about what we were writing, and maybe did some writing challenges, word sprints, etc.  Eventually, it would be lovely if enough trust was built to transform into a critique group, though I have to admit that that would take me quite some time, personally.  I’m shy about my writing.

I would like to feel inspired, supported, understood, and most of all, I would like to create some deep, nourishing friendships.   This post is my way of releasing this wish into the universe for better or worse.  And now comes the task of LOOKING for those people who need this sort of community as well.  As I will it, so mote it be.


Lakshmi and Sarasvati- Goddesses of wealth and creativity.
Lakshmi and Sarasvati- Goddesses of wealth and creativity.


PS: My word for this year is ‘connection’.  This is just one facet of that desire.


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