Tarot- January 24th, 2015

This year I’ve committed myself to REALLY learning tarot.  I’ve been reading for almost 30 years, but have always used books to look up the meanings of cards.   It’s kind of embarrassing at this point.  So, as a part of that effort, and as part of my efforts to use this blog more, I’m going to start posting a new reading every Sunday evening.  It will be a three card reading, and it will be focused on the week ahead.  I am reading with the intention of providing guidance to anyone who happens upon these posts, not just for myself.

That being said, this first reading is kind of great, and I could use some of this energy in my life right now.

Tarot Jan 24
Tarot Jan 24

4 OF CUPS:  This card indicates a period of stagnation, boredom, and discontent.  This is not a surprising card to pull in the month of January, when we’re all stuck inside and the excitement of the winter holidays has passed.  There’s that feeling of just not wanting to do anything, feeling cut-off and alone.

9 OF PENTACLES:  This card indicates security, self-sufficiency, and contentment.  So hopefully we’re all moving into a time where we can transform that boredom and discontent into happy solitude and self-care.   February always seems a bit easier than January.  There’s still that feeling of being stuck inside, not wanting to do much, but we’re more used to it by this time.  We can see the gifts of solitude instead of feeling cut off and miserable.

THE WORLD:  We’ve reached our goals!  The time of solitude has passed, and it’s time to interact with the world again, reveling in what we’ve accomplished.  This is the culmination of our labors.   This card is about success.

So I’m curious, what have you done this winter?  Have you been gestating something huge?  Have you been waiting for something big to finally come through?  If so, this reading indicates that it’s your time.

Again, I’m trying not to read this personally, but as a woman who deals with bipolar depression and seasonal depression, this spread is really meaningful for me.  It seems like I’m always on top of the world during the last week of December.  I have tons of ideas and goals for the New Year, but January always hits me like a sledgehammer.  I’m taking these cards as a good sign for myself, and I hope they resonate with a positive flow in your life as well.  🙂


This deck is the Royo Dark Tarot, that was gifted to me by my dear friend Din.  I love the art, and I REALLY love the size of these cards.  They aren’t cumbersome to shuffle or deal, and the darkness of the art really speaks to me about the inner shadow work that is so good to do during the winter.


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