The Witches Reel

I have a confession.  I’m obsessed with this song.  I found it in the very earliest days of Napster, and have never been able to find the same version again, though all versions seem to be pretty good.  Here are a few.



I have to say that this last group looks like a fun bunch of women.  🙂


I meant to write something deep and meaningful about the meaning of Imbolc and how I celebrated it, but I did my normal Imbolc routine and introverted.   I did attend an open ritual with the same group I celebrated Yule with, and it was lovely.  The Bear and C were there with me, and I have to say that I really enjoy that group a lot.  As introverted as I usually am around this time of year, I really enjoyed seeing every one there.

Otherwise, I made my usual potato chowder, and did some knotwork spells.  Knotting spells are something I haven’t done much of, so it was kind of a nice, quiet way to really put some deep intention into some talismans for myself, Husbear, and tribe.

I’ve mostly been trying to deal with my health.  I saw a doctor that I’m really excited about, who says that most of what you read online about fibro is ‘complete bullshit’.  I love a doctor who will give it to you straight.  He’s been treating fibro for 25 years, and I feel like he may be able to help.  I got ALL of the blood tests, and the phlebotomist even had to go find a special tube for a test that they never seem to actually run there.  So I know he’s being thorough.

Sadly, she nicked a nerve on the first draw attempt, and my wrist/hand/thumb were numb for 2 days, super hurty for a few more.  They seem to be better now.

My writing has fallen behind, and I’m not surprised.  Winter is a painful time of year for me, and my mood tanks as well.  So it’s tough to find motivation to get things done, especially when I’m here at home by myself and nobody is watching me.  I have no accountability in my life right now, except to myself, and I’m a shitty boss.  I tend to be either WAY too hard on myself (when I’m feeling good), or WAY too easy on myself (when I’m feeling lousy- like now).  I’ve been taking a lot of long baths and watching Netflix from under my heated blanket.

I’m starting to realize that what I need is not a sweet, supportive writing group, but a group of writing rivals.  I need to get competitive.  I need someone to give me shit if I don’t reach word goals and deadlines.  I’ll have to look into that.

So, I’m still here, just quiet.  I’ll probably perk up as the weather gets a little warmer.  We’ll see.  🙂

Imbolc candle and knotwork spells
Imbolc candle and knotwork spells
Imbolc candle and some goat friends
Imbolc candle and some goat friends


I did also want to mention that I found out about the band ‘Barn Owl’.  (If it’s two guys, is it a band, a group, or ‘artists’?)  At any rate, they’re really suiting my mood right now.  <3