Tarot reading for M

I normally wouldn’t have posted this here, but I wasn’t sure where else I could add the picture and the descriptions of the cards.  So M, this one is for you.  🙂


M is a Pisces, and a fellow writer.  We met through Camp NaNo, and found that we had a lot in common.

1. So I chose the Queen of Cups as her signifier.  Pisces is a water sign, and though I don’t know her super well, she has a lot of Piscean qualities.  (My mom is a Pisces, my sister is Pisces rising, and I have a Pisces moon, so I know whereof I speak.)  The Queen of Cups is all about the more psychic side of water, and that is INTUITION.

2. Crossing over the Queen of Cups, we have The Lady.  The Lady is all about fertility and abundance, about the feminine power of birthing.  This doesn’t necessarily mean birthing children, but just giving birth to things in general.  This can be creative projects, companies, or even creating a family without procreation.  It can also mean procreation.  Since it’s crossing her, it represents present obstacles.  So it may mean that she’s having trouble bringing something forth into existence?  Or maybe she’s even so focused on ‘birthing’ something that it’s making her neglect other facets of her life?  (As a bipolar creative- I can relate.  When I get the creative bug, everything else in my life takes a back seat.)

3. The card directly above the signifier represents M’s present influences.  These are the things that surround her that she has to deal with.  And, here it is, creativity.  Creativity is the most important influence in her life right now.  (Seeing how prolific she is as a writer and how she expresses herself- I can totally see that.)  Is it taking up TOO much time?  Or is it just the main focus, and that’s OK?

4. The card directly below the signifier is about the ‘root of the matter’.  These are your past influences that have shaped the situation that you find yourself in.  And we see the 5 of Swords, or Defeat.  Creativity can be very cathartic, and it can be a way to work through our demons.  If M was here, I would ask her if she had experienced creative defeat (NaNo is great for that!), or if she had felt defeated in other parts of her life, and creativity was a way to deal with that.  At any rate, it’s that sense of defeat from her past that is fueling her creative burst right now.

5. The card to the left of the signifier shows past influences.  These are more general then the 4th card, and they’re what you’re currently moving out of.  So more general, more recent influences.  The card is the 10 of Wands, or Force.  So it looks like there’s been some conflict.  Perhaps it was an unhealthy relationship or something that M had to fight for or against in a very firey, passionate way.  It seems like the creativity is helping with that too, and it does give M a place to channel all that fire energy.

6. The card to the right of the signifier shows future influences.  Again, these are more general influences, and they’re present now or will become apparent very soon.  We have the 4 of Swords, or Rest.  This does look like a very peaceful card.  The swords have been thrust into the earth, and there are flowers growing.  So no more conflict.  You’ve earned a break!  And the air cards are usually about communication too.  So perhaps M’s writing is a way to take a break from the conflict that she’s recently been dealing with.


So far, all these cards are pointing towards the same things.  Creativity= good.  🙂


7.  The seventh card is at the bottom of the line on the right.  It represents M’s attitude, and how that will effect the circumstances.  We have 8 of Cups, or abandonment.  So she either feels abandoned, or it could even mean that she wants to abandon her creativity.  It seems to me more like just a general feeling of abandonment.  *hugs M*

8. The eighth card (above the 7th) represents how others view the situation and the querent.  And here we have the 5 of Discs, or Restriction.  The Discs usually represent stability, groundedness, and finances.  So it could mean a few things.  It could mean that while M is trying to ground herself and get some stability for herself, others see her as being very closed off and restricting her interactions where she used to go out more and be a bit more open and exhuberant.  It could also mean that they’re worried about her finances, OR that they see her trying to save money, and they miss when she could go spend money with them.  (I’m SO there too!)

9. The ninth card represents your inner hopes and fears.  This card is interesting, because the Knight of Cups (Movement) could mean so many things.  It could mean that she wants to be more emotionally resilient.  It could mean that M wants to actually move and leave all the conflict and abandonment behind.  It could also mean that M is really craving a slightly younger person who is also a water sign, or has the same emotional and psychic depth of a water sign to share her life with.  Perhaps she even knows this person, and secretly wishes there could be more.

10.  The tenth card is the summation of the whole reading.  This is where we actually get to glimpse the future a little more than just the general future influences of the sixth card.  This is the 9 of Swords, or Suffering.  I know that sounds bad.  However, all writers, all CREATIVES know that creating is suffering.  We bleed onto a page or a canvas or a song.  And really, with all the other cards in the reading, it looks like all the suffering of creativity will bring fruit.  There will be rewards for the hard work and attention to this facet of M’s life.  So definitely keep with it.  This is a great way for you to come out of the rough patches in the past, and even though creating isn’t easy, it’s so worth it when you can be proud of what you’ve accomplished.

**Overall there is one Disc card (Earth- stability), two Cups cards (Water- emotions), 2 Wand cards (Fire- passion), and three Sword cards (Air- communication).  So it looks like the major influences will be mostly in the realm of communication, which makes sense in the context of the reading, since writing and creativity fall into that category.**


Hope that resonates with you!  Picture below.  🙂

Reading for M
Reading for M