Solitary New Moon Tea and Ritual

Solitary New Moon Tea and Ritual

The new moon is a time to go within and reflect. This is the start of a new moon cycle where we can begin again, set our intentions, and deal with any inner work that needs to be done. So the energies of this moon are rest, reflection, going deep within, and deciding on our focus for the next lunar cycle. This is the introspective moon, where the full moon is more about working with the world around you.

Other activities for the new moon: journaling, shadow work, ancestor work, cleansing/clearing/purifying, considering and integrating the lessons learned in the last lunar cycle, planning new projects, studying the astrology of the upcoming cycle.

My new moon ritual goes something like this:

I take a ritual shower or bath with salt, then smudge myself with sage or another purifying blend (like my Greek smudge recipe) as I dry. I make a cup of New Moon Tea (recipe below), and sit down in a quiet space with my planner and my journal, Book of Shadows, or wherever I keep my thoughts. I light a black or purple candle and a light, unobtrusive incense.

I meditate, usually using just music or sounds. I drink my tea slowly and think about what happened over the past lunar cycle, looking at my planner to help my memory. I then make notes in my journal about what I learned over the past cycle.

Then I think about what I want to do over this next cycle. I think about some goals, and then check the astrology to see if it supports those goals. I then set an intention in my planner so that I can look at it over the next few weeks until the cycle repeats itself. Then I usually indulge myself with some dark chocolate or some other treat.

Sometimes I blow out the candle, or sometimes I let it burn as long as it’s in a safe space. If I keep it burning on my nightstand, I tend to have some really great dreams. I like 3 day glass candles for this, since they’re well protected. I just burn it on a coaster so the heat doesn’t scar my furniture. Here’s another nice new moon candle that I’ve used before.

New Moon Tea Recipe

3 oz Ceylon black tea
1.5 oz organic dried sour cherries
1.5 oz dried wild blueberries
1 oz organic cocoa nibs
1/2 oz organic anise seeds
1/2 oz organic mugwort
3 small pinches of pink himalayan salt (for cleansing)

Brew for 2 minutes with water that’s been boiled and then taken off the heat for 30 seconds. Sweeten with organic, unprocessed cane sugar to add a delicious molasses note.


Inky midnight, scent of cypress and juniper,
There is no guide for us tonight,
Only our inner compass, our sense of the path,
Led by instinct, by some animal hunch.

We feel our way forward, flinging arms out for reference,
Moving lightly and cautiously, first steps tenuous,
But becoming more certain as we begin to trust,
The path moving faster and faster under our feet.

We find ourselves tripping, falling, tumbling, and then rising,
Knowing that we’ve taken this road before.
We’re at the beginning of some grand adventure,
And the spirits around us rejoice.

The answers are here, in this deep landscape,
And so we search fervently, feeling the deep soil
Under our fingers as we kneel and dig deeply,
Unearthing the treasures we came for.

Before us, the scent of still water in the night,
We trust instinct once again and find ourselves
At the edge of a deep black pond,
And a promise of cleansing and rebirth.

We plunge underneath, water closing over our heads,
Welcomed by the darkness, our own darkness,
We feel the old and unworthy, stagnant and cumbersome
As it’s washed away, and we emerge lighter.

This is our beginning, our new start.
We emerge from the deeps, stronger and smarter,
Ready to create ourselves anew,
Ready to create a world that suits us.