Solitary Full Moon Tea and Ritual

Solitary Full Moon Tea and Ritual
Solitary Full Moon Tea and Ritual

The full moon is a time of celebration. We’ve grown over the past 2 weeks from the new moon, and hopefully worked towards the intentions that we set at the new moon. This is a time of light, of fullness, and of highlighting our spiritual practices. The energies of this moon are illumination, making magick, and sending our magick out into the world. Unlike the introspective new moon, this is a time of looking outside of ourselves and seeing how the work we’ve done affects the people and the energies around us.

Other activities for the full moon: celebration with friends, working with the heightened energies to direct magick where we want it to go, moon gazing, feasting, dancing, beauty magick, expressing gratitude, letting her energies fill and recharge us.

My full moon ritual is pretty similar to my new moon ritual, it’s just the focus that is different. I’m a little more joyful, celebrating fullness instead of just raw potential. I tend to eat a nice meal, and if I take a bath, it’s not one of purification, but of luxury and self-care. I enjoy my tea next to a lit white candle with some nag champa incense. I will usually have some upbeat music in the background. I look back at my planner and think about the intention that I set at the new moon. Did I achieve my aims? What did I learn? Did my focus shift as life happened?

I’ll usually spend the next 2 weeks moving towards the new moon thinking about what it was that I learned, but for now I just make some notes to think about later. I also keep my mind on gratitude during this time of fullness. I think about how lucky I am to live my life, and be surrounded by so much love. I may meditate, or I may just listen to music and do something I enjoy, like writing in my Book of Shadows or watching Pagan YouTubers. Maybe if the weather is good, I’ll go outside and just spend some time in the silvery moonlight.

I usually blow the candle out, as I don’t need any extra energy on the night of the full moon. I usually have trouble sleeping, and when I do, my dreams are a little on the wild side.

Full Moon Tea Recipe

3oz organic oolong tea
1.5 oz organic, unsweetened, dessicated coconut flakes
1.5 oz sliced almonds, lightly toasted
.5 oz organic mugwort

Brew for 3 minutes with water that’s been boiled, and then left off the heat for 2 minutes. Sweeten with organic, unprocessed cane sugar. Lighten with almond coconut creamer and a drop of vanilla extract.


The silvery chill of her light,
Scented with jasmine and moonflower,
Feels like exhilaration, like the love
Of the ancient feminine embrace.

Ancestors upon ancestors have gazed at her
As we do tonight, awed by her mystery,
The allure of her nature, changeable,
Bright and dark by turns.

Tonight she is bright.
She shines into every corner,
Opening us, filling us, revealing the hidden
Depths of our hearts, glistening.

Our bodies filled with her light,
Our minds filled with her light,
Our souls filled with her light,
The eternal light of spirit, spilled from above.

Dancing and spinning, delirious with joy,
Her fullness is a lesson in abundance
And how the wheel always turns,
And we celebrate the peak of the cycle.

She is eternal in her changeability
And so are we, the blessed daughters.
Circling here in the night,
Spinning in silvery joy.