Season of The Witch Movies- The Naked Witch review

The Naked Witch (on Amazon Prime)

Wow.  This one’s fun.  Produced in 1961 by Claude Alexander, who also produced The Naked Dracula, The Naked Mummy, Hey look! I’m naked right now!, and What Are You Wearing?  It begins with woogie organ music played behind a foreshadowing monologue about how ‘the student’ never thought something like this would happen to him.

There’s also an educational bit about German settlements in Texas, and I actually learned some things.  So that’s cool.

But the real story begins when we’re introduced to the ‘Luckenbach Witch’, who was the mistress of one of Luckenbach’s menfolk.  She was sold out by her lover as a witch so he could get rid of her.  She’s brought back to life when ‘the student’ finds her grave and removes the stake used to kill her (Stakes are witches, right?  Or silver bullets?  I can’t remember.  Let’s just keep rolling.)  She then kind of reconstitutes in the most hilariously 1961 way possible and vengeful hijinks ensue.

Takeaways:  Damn, those eyebrows!  German settlement in Texas, huh.  Guys named Otto are usually dicks.  I wonder who makes good vegetarian brats?  Ohhh, I’d wear that dress.  Getting it on in a nasty, swampy pond.  Damn, those eyebrows!  Witchy dancing in black chiffon- tres lascivious!  Gratuitous furry man chest.

7 broomsticks out of 10.  This one’s just fun and entertaining, though a touch slow.  I just love the kitschy drama.