Season of The Witch Movies- Burn, Witch, Burn! review

Burn, Witch, Burn! (on Amazon Prime)

Ohhhhh, it starts out soooo good.  There’s a protective incantation where the narrator calls upon Marduk, Hecate, Satan, Beelzebub, etc. for protection.  The epitome of 50s/60s horror drama kitsch.  I’m SO in!

We start our story with a college professor and his wife.  Are they British?  Fancy 50s Americans?  Who can tell?  The accents are flying.  But their house is beautiful, covered in ivy, I notice weird details like that.

So professor hubby is a skeptic, and is very emotionally involved in disproving all belief in the occult.  But lo and behold, wifey learned some conjure on a trip they took to Jamaica 2 years ago. She has shit hidden all over their house, including a dead spider, a poppet, graveyard dirt, etc.  He finds all her goodies, and an argument ensues.  He says the equivalent of ‘you’re just a hysterical woman after all’, and she breaks down like a hysterical woman.  Then they burn everything.

Turns out, her protective magic really WAS keeping him from death and destruction.  Always trust your witch, fellas.  LESSON.

Attempted suicide, attempted murder, A TWIST!, and tarot cards.  The professor finds out his spirit animal is a big-ass eagle.  I love this movie.

I’m giving this one 9 out of 10 broomsticks.  I loved the 50s naivete and superstition.  Lots of drama and fun.