Season of The Witch Movies- The VVitch review

The VVitch (free on Amazon Prime)

So I have to be honest.  I saw this in the theater, and I fucking love this movie.  It’s horror, but of a really different sub genre.  It’s kind of survival horror, where the main concern through the movie is just basic survival- as in “Hey kids, the harvest didn’t come in, and we’re probably going to starve this Winter, damn the luck.”

It’s dark, and brooding, and kind of unrelenting in its atmosphere building.  I love that.

Also, Black Phillip.  Fuck yeah, I want to live deliciously!  Show me the way magic black goat!  <3

Takeaways:  Pretty, menacing woods.  Wrinkly bottom.  Babies are kinda boring anyways.  “I love thee marveous well.”  You’ll shoot your eye out!  DAMN those kids are brats.  Spurs?  Maybe I should work skyclad more.  Do I do enough hair-flipping in ritual?

9 out of 10 broomsticks.  I don’t know what could make this better, and feel like 10 would be OK, but maybe it goes just a tad slow in the middle.