Psychic Reading, 9/21/2014

I took my sister out for her birthday today, and we hit our favorite metaphysical/new age stores.  At the second one, we just happened upon a psychic fair, and as we’d been talking about our life paths, she decided to buy us each a reading.  (Typical, I take her out for her birthday, and she ends up paying for readings..  :-D)

This is just a bullet list of what she said.  My overall impression was that she was kind of telling me what I wanted to hear.  I told her that I was a writer and that I’m looking for a job.  I mentioned all the deaths and catastrophies over the past few years, and the gist was that my troubles made me stronger, and I’ll be successful with my writing and also with visual arts somehow.

  • Bear is, in fact, my soulmate.  We’re meant to be together.  (Something I knew the first day I met him.)
  • I need to keep good boundaries.  When something comes up, I need to ask myself what advice I would give my best friend about the same situation.  I need to be my own best friend and take my own advice.  The fibro is a manifestation of my stress and of not taking care of myself, and reiki will help that.  (My sister is talking about taking reiki classes together and getting certified, and I think I might go for it.)  Also, myofascial massage.
  • Archangel Michael is my guardian angel, and he’s showering me with blue light.  Not sure what that means, and I’m Pagan, so I’ve never really thought much about archangels, but it couldn’t hurt to read about it anyways.
  • My book will be successful (within the next few years), but she saw me doing some sort of a part time job, maybe with graphic design.  The job would give me money and stability, but also time so that I can really work on my writing.  She said she could see my positivity when I talked about my book, and that made her excited, and made her want to read it.
  • Bear will be successful with his voice acting, and I need to keep encouraging him.
  • All the chaos of the past few years have just been making me stronger.  (8 of Swords came up in my past, which is a picture of a bound woman, surrounded by swords, as if she’s limited by all the strife and challenges surrounding her.  Then both Strength and The Empress came up in my present, as if I’ve reached the pinnacle of my strength because of all that.)
  • I don’t tend to ask for help and tend to do everything for myself, even taking care of other people before myself (true), but help is coming regardless, from several sources.
  • There is a message coming from wands (about change and movement), from swords (about something generally positive), and from pentacles (a father figure type of man will give me a job).  She saw lots of messages coming that will change my life, and I’m in the perfect mindset to be receptive to that.
  • She also saw a trip in our near future, and it was a wands card.  So it would be either involve a flight, or be somehow ‘breezy and light’.


Eight of Swords
Eight of Swords

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