Happy Mabon! (a quickie)

I really love all the sabbats for various reasons.  Imbolc is kind of my ‘going within’ time, where I spend time huddled up next to a fire, reading or knitting or something similar.  Samhain is fabulous, and you can’t be Pagan and dislike Samhain.  It’s just not possible.  Even Litha, though I don’t like Summer, has its own magickal energy that makes the sweat and mosquitos seem like they’re all a beautiful part of the Wheel of the Year.

But when I really think about it, Mabon is my favorite.

It’s the first day of Autumn, sure, but here in the South, you probably won’t get that just yet.  Everything is still green and mosquitoey and hot (usually).  But there’s the PROMISE of Autumn.  The nights are ever-so-slightly cooler, and the leaves are just the tiniest touch dryer, and they make that dry sound when the wind blows through them.

Today, however, the weather has been just gorgeous.  It’s much cooler, and breezy, and it feels like true Autumn.  We’ve had a high of 75 (seriously, this is cool for us), and we decided to keep the windows open all day so we could hear the breeze.  We’ve been burning patchouli incense and a few candles around the house, and just enjoying each others’ company before the haunt season starts up and I never see my husbear again.   Seriously, I may see him 2 or 3 times next month.  He’ll be working 2 part time jobs as well as the haunt, and he’ll be exhausted, hungry, and sore when I do see him.

Usually I would do some sort of feast, including grains, apples, grapes (or wine), and various other goodies, but we’re broke.  So we’ll be doing our normal whole wheat pasta/tomato/spinach thing.  It’s all good.  The important thing is that we’ve had a nice day together, enjoying the change of the season.  🙂

Mabon 2014
Mabon 2014



I’m also looking forward to Atlanta Pagan Pride Day coming up in about a week and 1/2.  It’s a relatively small event, held in Decatur, Ga, and I’m beside myself with excitement about it.  I’ve known for some time now that I need to get out more and make some Pagan and/or writer friends, and this is a great start to that.  🙂

Another start to that is the Georgia Romance Writers, which I will be joining sometime in October.  🙂