Pagan Blog Project Week 39- Trixie (Willowisp characters)

Trixie.  Oh how I love Trixie.  In many ways, Trixie has been kind of an ideal for me, someone I would have enjoyed finding for Bear and I.  Now, I’m less interested in submissive partners, but still…

Why does this fit in with the Pagan Blog Project?  Well, because Willowisp is a Pagan town, plunked in the middle of nowhere.  All of my characters are magickal somehow, in fact.  My aim in writing about Willowisp is to create that kind of Pagan community that most of us would like to see, but haven’t found.


Red Rose
By: Pink Sherbet Photography


SPOILER ALERTS!  If you want to read the book fresh, without knowing the characters before they’re introduced in the story, you probably shouldn’t read this.

Trixie is incredibly kind and loving.  She’s kind of Vine’s heart, the one who brings warmth and life to their home together.  She’s Vine’s stability, and the ‘good thing’ that Vine gets to look forward to through all the chaos that she’s going through in Altar of Change.

She’s a trans woman, Filipino, and comes from an ultra-conservative Catholic family.   No, they’re NOT fine with her transsexuality, and they don’t know about her kink leanings at all.  She’s elegant, and refined, and loves dressing to the nines whenever she gets the chance.  She’s also street smart and tough, having spent time in the kink and queer scenes in Atlanta.  She’s a sweet submissive, eager to please, but also a smartass, and she and Vine giggle a lot.

Here’s her character sheet..  More details than you could possibly want.  However, if you find the character sheet interesting, and think you may be able to use it for your character creation, by all means, use it!  🙂

(Also filled with spoilers.  Don’t say you weren’t warned..  🙂



Name:  Trixie (aka Baon Villanueva)
Keywords:  Transwoman, loving, giving, sacrifices herself, submissive, beautiful
Birthdate:  October 24, 1977
Age:  32
Astrological Sign:  Scorpio
Sexuality:  Pansexual, completely submissive
Patron God/Goddess:  Called by Inanna in the second book
Spirit Animal:  Fox
Smells Like:  Roses and cinnamon
Color:  Red, purple, burgundy, love Goddess colors
Tree:  Ivy
Positive Personality Traits:  Very giving, sacrifices herself but not in a Martyr way, incredibly sexy and open-hearted.
Negative Personality Traits:  Doesn’t say when something’s bothering her.
How Social:  Selectively social, has a hard time trusting that people like her for her, and not for sex.  Also, a lot of people in her family and family friends hate that she’s trans, and have turned their backs on her.  She’s insecure that people will turn away from her.
Hair Color:  Long black curly hair
Eye Color:  Nearly black
Height, Weight:  5’5″, 120 lbs
General Style:  Glamorous and sexy, a bit of 1940’s movie star and 1960’s sex kitten with elegance and sensuality
Favorite Music:  Pop and jazz
Favorite Shows/Movies/Books:  Romance novels, gay/lesbian indie films, anime
House:  Lives with Vine at The Manor
Car: Red Prius
Prized Possession:  Her grandmother’s wedding ring
Favorite Food:  Sushi
Favorite Drink:  Red wine
Pet Peeve:  Having to dress as a boy to fit in during family events.
Originally From:  Atlanta, parents are from Phillippines
Arrived in Willowisp:  2011, moved in with Vine
Function in Willowisp:  Works with Iris at The Harvest Table, she also takes care of Vine and Bear.
Relationships in Willowisp:  Lover of Vine and Bear, close friend of Iris and Rowan.
Job:  Waitress at The Harvest Table.
Family:  Mother and father live in Atlanta, numerous siblings mostly live in Atlanta too, parents kicked her out and she doesn’t have much to do with her traditional siblings.
Skills:  Peacemaking, homemaking, she brings the heart into everything she does.  She also works for trans rights organizations online and sews her own clothes.
Pets:  She gets close to Gonzo and Beaker really quickly.
Biggest Fear:  That the people she loves don’t love her for who she really is, or that they’ll turn away from her.
Greatest Joy:  Watching her body transform as she’s been taking the hormones.  Those days that she forgets that she was born a boy.
Hobbies:  Sewing, makeup application, makes YouTube videos about her transition and begins running a blog on trans rights.

Motivation: Wants to find a place where she belongs, where she can be herself.

Goals:  Wants to create a family with Vine and Bear.  Wants to fully transition.

Struggles: Tends to trust too easily and get hurt too easily, turns away from people before they get too close and before they can hurt her.