November New Moon- The Milky Way

This is a continuation of my new moon bibliomancy project, where on the new moon, I choose a new symbol to consider/study/think about during the next lunation. Last month was toad, this month is the Milky Way.

I suppose that this month’s symbol is a reminder that we’re a tiny, insignificant part of a dazzlingly huge universe. Our problems may take up our every waking thought, but in the scheme of things, they just don’t matter that much. That can be depressing or reassuring, depending on your mindset.

I’ve always loved space as a metaphor for spirituality. After all, even the most staunch atheist is usually awed by space. And there’s just so much out there that we don’t know. That we can’t know. That we’re not ready to know. Like spirituality, space is so unfathomably huge that we just have to take a lot on faith. We hear something sending radio waves, so we assume that it’s a super nova in some distant galaxy. We have no way of knowing that for sure, but we guess to the best of our abilities. The same could be said for our dealing with the gods. We get these little glimpses, little hints. They may be dreams, experiences in meditation, or just that wake up call where we know with a certainty that something important has happened. And so we extrapolate. We find the meaning in the experience, and therein lies the sacred, the divine.

So I’ll be looking to the skies during this lunation. Join me if you want to feel awed!