Bibliomancy and the New Moon

My spiritual practice has been in need of a refresh lately. EVERYTHING has been in need of a refresh, really. But I got through this last bout of depression and the related apathy, and it’s time to get on with life again.

In that vein, I’ve been interested in writing again after a long, long break. I’ve been watching a lot of videos (The Brandon Sanderson videos on YouTube are really good) and I even signed up for Elizabeth Dylan Bercovici‘s Magical Storytelling webinar series. Both have been really inspiring.

One idea that inspired me from the webinar came from the author Aurora Farber, who said that she intuitively chooses a symbol she focuses on for a time. Now, this isn’t a new concept for me, but when my mind is fertile, it’s fertile. So I started thinking about how I used to draw an oracle card from the Goddess Power oracle deck and the Making Magick: Manifesting Your Dreams oracle deck to decorate my altar with every time I changed it for the season. While I still intend to draw oracle cards and keep them displayed on my desk every season, I also thought about a book that I’ve had forever. It’s Barbara G. Walker’s The Woman’s Dictionary of Symbols and Sacred Objects. And I thought about bibliomancy.

Bibliomancy is a really simple, intuitive technique of divination. Basically, you ask your question, meditate on it a bit, and then open a book to a random page and point at a random passage. Then you interpret the passage in relation to your question to find the answer. Using this book, however, I’ll be choosing a passage (or an entry about a symbol) to choose a symbol to focus on from one new moon to the next. Since the next new moon is coming up (the morning of October 6th), I’ll be able to start quickly.

I’m really looking forward to this practice, as I like things that flow with the moon tides. I’m also wanting to post here more often, so I may post my monthly symbols here and discuss them a bit. I may even write poems about them. My brain is on fire with all the possibilities!

Have you used bibliomancy before? What were your results?


In unrelated news, we have a new kitten. We found Guillermo in a storm drain on a busy road close to home. I reached out and grabbed him as he was getting ready to walk into traffic, and brought him home. He was about 4 weeks old when we found him, but he’s a happy, healthy 7 week old now. His eyes are even starting to turn! <3