Mugwort and Psychic Vision

Mugwort is hands down my favorite plant ally. It has so many practical applications for my personal practice that I can’t seem to buy enough of it. I have little half-filled jars of it everywhere. But this year, I asked my husbear to grow me some fresh mugwort. And it’s gorgeous, lush, and plentiful. Thanks, Husbear!

The main reason that I use mugwort is for its ability to induce psychic visions. It’s really helpful for my tarot practice, for prophetic dreaming, scrying, and for shamanic journeying. This Autumn, I’ll be using it as a part of my tarot/oracle card cleansing incense, in dream pillows, and I’ll be using the oil in an Elen of the Ways oil blend that I intend to make. As always, I’ll be annointing my third eye with mugwort balm before tarot readings to open up my senses. And I’ll probably make a nice cup of mugwort and wormwood tea for Samhain to see what kind of scrying I can do. You can also make an infusion to wash crystal balls or scrying mirrors with. I use it for EVERYTHING.

Aside from the psychic vision-inducing powers I’ve mentioned, mugwort is also used in protection spells, and can be carried to induce lust and fertility.

Mugwort’s element is earth or air (depending on the source you consult), and its planet is Venus, making it feminine in nature.

It can be imbibed as a tea, infused into a bath, used as an aromatherapy essential oil, added to sachets or dream pillows, made into magickal incense, or several other applications. What do you use mugwort for?

Blessed be, and happy visioning! <3