How to Have a Conversation with your Tarot or Oracle Cards

I’ve been reading tarot for quite a long time. But the one thing that I’ve learned is that the more I think I know, the more there is to learn. In all honesty, that’s what I love about tarot more than anything. I love that I can study it for years and years, and still have more to learn. It keeps me excited and engaged with my practice.

For example, while I have studied tarot from a Jungian perspective, looking at archtypes and the like, I’ve never really paid attention to the astrological or Kabbalistic associations of the cards. And while I love the RWS system and the Thoth system, I really haven’t worked on learning the Marseille system. I could spend a lifetime (and I already HAVE spent my lifetime) learning about tarot and never get bored.

And when it comes to oracle cards, forget it. All the decks are a system of their own, and while I tend to read them intuitively, I also like having the book nearby in case I need to consult get more information.

So imagine my delight when I found a new way to read the cards. I was watching a YouTube video (I wish I could remember who it was or provide a link), and the woman showed how she used her cards for journaling.

She would start journaling until she came to a stopping point, and then draw a card to see where to go from there. For example, say I was writing about my frustration at not being able to find a job I love that pays well. I would write about my frustrations until I got them all on paper. Then I would draw a card. And say I got Death reversed. So then I would write about how maybe the reason that I’m not finding that job is because I’m afraid of the change that it would require. Then I would draw another card. And say I drew the 5 of Pentacles. Then I could write about how I was afraid of being broke, and how that might be a limiting belief, etc.

It sounds so simple. But I’ve never used my cards that way, and now I really want to. I’ve drawn cards for a reading on questions I’m having, but to have a continuous journaling session while drawing them is brand new to me. It’s truly like you’re having a conversation with the cards, with your subconscious.

So I’ll be trying this soon. Perhaps on Samhain, when the divination is really good due to the thinning of the veil. I’ll probably make some mugwort and wormwood tea for receptivity to drink while I do. I’ll report back in the comments!

Blessed be. <3