Rue and Protection

When I was a teenager, I tried to start an herb garden. The problem is that while I’m great at planning gardens, I suck at tending them after they’re started. So most of my plants sadly didn’t make it. However, the rue thrived on my neglect, and soon took over its corner of the garden.

Rue is known for its protecting properties, both mundane and psychic, even being used for exorcism purposes. It’s also good for psychic development, love, and compassion. Good luck and karma also fall under its purview. It can be used to dip into consecrated water and sprinkle that water over an object or a space, consecrating that item or area.

Some sources say that rue is associated with the element of earth, and the planet Saturn, which means it’s good for any magick surrounding boundaries or setting limitations. Other sources associate it with fire and with Mars or the Sun, making it good for passion and strength. Its role as a protective herb could conceivably fall under either of these correspondences. I choose to honor the Saturn/earth correspondence because of the appearance of the plant, which is silvery and cool bluish green. It just SEEMS more earthy and Saturnine to me because of the way it looks.

It can be used in incenses or sachets, but be careful when collecting fresh rue. Some people have a reaction to the oils in the plant when they touch it and then expose that skin to sunlight. Exposure can result in redness, even blistering, and that’s no good for anyone. For that reason, I would hesitate to use it in any sort of bath or cosmetic preparations.

Do you have experience using rue in your magickal workings? How have you used it in the past?

Blessed be! <3