Agrimony, Sleep, and Protection

There are conflicting reports of the best use of agrimony in sleep and dream magick. Some say that it will lull you into a deep, dreamless sleep. And some use it in dream pillows to induce prophetic dreaming. What’s the truth? I’ll let you know as soon as I know. I’ll be making dream pillows for Yule gifts and will collect some data.

One thing that is generally agreed upon, however, is agrimony’s protective qualities, specifically in the psychic realm. So it can help to prevent nightmares or any interaction with malevolent entities, allowing a user to rest easily.

Agrimony is associated with Jupiter, and its expansive, joyful energy. It is associated with fire or air, depending on the source you consult. It can be used as a tea, in dream pillows, or as an incense. When burned, it has a grassy, mild scent. You can also make it into a strong tea and add it to your bath before bed.

I’ll probably mix it with some mugwort, lavender, and hops for my dream pillows. Mugwort will add a psychic aspect to the dreams that are induced, and lavender and hops are restful herbs.

Blessed be and sweet dreams! <3