Finding Your Animal Spirit Guide

The first time I meditated on my animal spirit guide, I was disappointed. I had been practicing my meditation and spent the evening getting ready for this monumental undertaking. I took a ritual shower, lit candles, burned incense, set up my space to be as spiritual as possible, and allowed myself to slip into trance.

I tried to closely follow the meditation in Ted Andrews’ Animal Speak, and I knew that I wasn’t supposed to have any preconceived notions about what my spirit animal would be, but I knew it was going to be fabulous. Like eagle, or jaguar, or something similarly powerful.

What I came out of the meditation with, however, was toad. Not even a cool, exotic tree frog. Just… Toad. I was deflated, to say the least.

However, when I researched toad, I found out some cool things. Toads and frogs are considered harbingers of Spring. They’re also very sensitive to the environment and thus are symbolic of intuition and empathy. They also tend to stay in one place, but broadcast their voices long distances. Toad is also a little more symbolic of earth (I’m a Capricorn- an earth sign) than frogs (which are symbolic of water).

So that’s the lesson here. Don’t have any expectations, and don’t automatically be disappointed with what you find.

This meditation has been created by me, but any generic discovery-centric meditation will do.

Meditation for Finding Your Animal Spirit Guide

First, make sure you’re in a comfortable space and position, whether sitting with your back straight and arms and legs uncrossed, or laying down on your back. Play some soothing music and light some incense or candles if you would like. Whatever takes you into trance is good here.

Count from 10 down to 1, imagining yourself descending a staircase as you do. Feel yourself going deeper and deeper into trance as you descend.

At the bottom of the staircase, you find a path. What does this path look like? Are you walking through the forest? Through a desert? Is it day or night? Is it clear or rainy? Note the details of the path that you’re walking, but don’t let the details give you any ideas of what your spirit animal could be.

As you walk, you begin to notice a feeling of being watched. You feel like something is with you, but it’s not scary. It’s something that’s been with you all along. You continue to walk, noticing that there appears to be a clearing ahead.

As you approach the clearing, you realize that this is a great place to sit and relax. What does the clearing look like?

As you’re relaxing, the sense of being watched gets stronger until you hear some rustling coming from nearby. You don’t strain to see what it could be, knowing that it will come to you when it’s ready. So close your eyes, and clear your mind.

After a time, you open your eyes to see an animal in front of you. You’re filled with a sense of rightness and of homecoming, and you know that you were meant to be united with this animal. Spend some time getting to know it.

When you’ve had some time with your animal spirit guide, thank it for meeting you and for accompanying you on your journey. Tell it that you have to go, but you hope to always carry its spirit with you on your travels through life. Does it seem to agree to this?

Some animal spirit guides are in your life forever, and some are here just to teach you lessons in the short term. Allow it to be a part of your life in whatever way it knows is best.

You get up, thanking the animal guide again, and begin to walk back the way you came. As you walk, you reflect on what it is that you would like to learn from the animal that you met.

You come eventually to the staircase, and as you count from 1 to 10, you become more and more alert and awake.


Now is the time to do some research on the symbolism of your animal. I recommend Animal Speak as a good reference, as well as . Think about the ways this animal can help you in your life, and give it room to take up some spiritual space for you. Allow it to walk with you for however long it wants to, and teach you along your journey.

Have you met your animal spirit guide? What is it? What have you learned from it? Let me know! Blessed be! <3