Ways to Use a Poppet

Oftentimes when we think of dolls being used magickally, we think of Hollywood’s depiction of someone stabbing a voodoo doll with pins. But the poppet has been around for centuries, and there are many ways to introduce them into your magickal practice.


  • Wrap your poppet in a healing blanket and say healing prayers over it.
  • Draw or stitch healing sigils over areas in your body that may be experiencing disease or bad health.
  • Put the poppet on a bed of healing herbs and crystals that will act upon it, and you, with their healing energies.


  • Sew little felt ‘dollars’ onto the hands of your poppet.
  • Draper your poppet with jewels to represent the riches you want to bring into your life.
  • Make your poppet a purse, and stuff it full of wealth-bringing herbs and stones.


  • Give your poppet a mirror to hold so that she can admire herself.
  • Annoint your poppet in deliciously-scented oils and surround it with flowers.
  • Talk to your poppet, telling it that it’s beautiful, worthy, and lovable.


  • Sew little squares of fabric with protective sigils drawn or embroidered onto the poppet.
  • Create a boundary around your poppet on your altar, representing a shield that will protect it, and by extension you, in your daily life.
  • Visualize an energetic shield around your poppet and know that it surrounds you by extension.

Remember that you can have different poppets for different purposes too. You can stuff them with herbs that correspond to your needs, and even add stones into the stuffing as well. Small symbolic charms like hearts or dollar signs, animals whose spirits you’d like to connect to, or even representations of your deity of choice make great items to put into your poppet as well! You can also choose to color-coordinate your poppet to your desire. For example, pink for friendship, green for money or growth, purple for spirituality.

Have you ever used poppet magick? If so, how did it go for you? I have poppets of both myself and my husbear and use them for magickal purposes on occasion. Please let me know your experiences in the comments, and blessed be! <3