Bewitching the Moon- April 11, 2017- 100th video giveaway, prosperity incense and mojo bag

Prosperity Incense

3 parts benzoin (attraction, communication)
1 part barley (harvest)
1 part pine needles (earth connection)
3 parts cinnamon (money, spirituality, psychic powers)
2 parts allspice (attract money and luck)
1 part cardamom (fire and passion)
2 parts cloves (drive away negativity and attract money)
1 part nutmeg (good luck and money)
1 part poppy seeds (good luck and money)
a few drops cinnamon bark oil if you have it

My prosperity mojo bag (adjust to your preferences, mojo bags are personal)

3 pinches of above prosperity incense
Aventurine (luck, opportunity, connection to earth, releasing old patterns for growth)
Malachite (earth, transformation, breaking negative patterns)
Citrine (manifestation, “merchant’s stone”, wealth, prosperity, drawing AND maintaining wealth)
Pyrite (confidence, action, ambition, represents riches)
Magnetite (attracts)
Basil (attracts customers)

* I included the rune feoh, and annointed it with money oil I had made some time ago.  Cinnamon or frankincense oil would work just fine.
** I also annointed the bag once it was done with storm water to add some extra oomph and power.
*** I also added a key to symbolically ‘unlock’ my path to prosperity.