Amie Ravenson 100th Video Giveaway- livestream

Watch the hilarity of Bear and I trying to figure out live streaming on YouTube.  :0) I also forgot to mention that there will be a coupon code for a tarot reading, though since our winner is local, I may just give that in person.  🙂

Update on Bewitching The Cards

I just wanted to drop a quickie note here saying that BTC will be back as soon as I can have my phone repaired/replaced.  It’s gone tits-up, you see.  So I will be posting more when I can! Blessed be.  🙂

Mesmerizing Fusion Belly Dance

I’ve always loved Beats Antique, so when I stumbled upon videos of Zoe Jakes performing, I had to stop and watch.  This one was particularly incredible.  🙂

A year and a day

Reblogged from, which is where I put my REALLY woogie pagan stuff.  :0)   A year and a day.

2013- goals and better luck

In my last post, I vented about all the things that went horribly, horribly wrong last year.  And there was a lot.  It seemed neverending at times. However, I truly am an optimist.  I tend towards stupid optimism, even.  Even when I get truly depressed and feel victimized, I usually come back around and start…