A Blessing for your Technology

I was just fortunate enough to have my husbear build me a new computer. My laptop wasn’t doing what I needed it to do for work (I had 12GB RAM and was trying to run a LOT of browser tabs). Fortunately, I had some extra money and was able to afford a new machine.

Isn’t there something so inspiring and exciting about getting a new device? Whether it’s a new computer, phone, or tablet, a new bit of technology feels like it’s just full of possibilities. Here I am, writing this post on my new computer. I’m doing my best to create magick with every keystroke. I also like to give my computers witch names so I can tell them apart on the network. This new computer is Griselda, and the laptop is Endora. My old laptop was Akasha. What can I say? It makes me giggle.

So why not show our technology a little love with a blessing?

Timing: Do this on a Wednesday, which is sacred to Mercury, the Greek god of communication.

Deities: Mercury (communication), Iris (communication), Odin (wisdom/knowledge), Thoth (wisdom/knowledge)

Colors (for candles/altar cloths/etc.): Yellow for communication. Blue for knowledge, study, and wisdom. White for general blessings.

Herbs: General blessing herbs and resins- rosemary, sage, frankincense, myrrh.

Stones: Quartz crystals (used in computers and most electronics and can easily attune with them)

To prepare: Think of a name for your device.

  • Create a small altar to focus your energies. Arrange your stones, candles, and crystals there. If you’re blessing something small like a phone or a small tablet, leave room on the altar to place the item. If you’re blessing something big like a tower computer, create the altar on the desk where your monitors reside.
  • Light your candle and incense (if using), and ground and center yourself. Draw your energy to you and begin moving towards a state of relaxation and focus. You may want to focus on your breathing, you may want to hum lightly. Whatever gets you there!
  • Think about traits you want your devices to have. Traits like quickness, durability, dependability, flexibility, etc. all work. Think about the things that you use your devices for, and imagine using them in the best way possible to achieve your aims. Imagine using the device in a mutually beneficial relationship to bring positivity into your world.
  • When you’re ready, either hold your device or devices in your hands, or hover your hands over them and say “By the power of (Mercury/Iris/Odin/Thoth), I hereby bless you with the powers of ______________, ______________, and ______________. (Whatever traits you’ve chosen.) Pass the electronics through the candle or incense smoke, or fan the smoke over them, and imagine them charging with your intentions as you say “Technology mine, I bid you be true. If you take care of me, I will take care of you. Your name is ____________, I do decree. We will work together and productive be. As I will it, so mote it be.”
  • As you repeat the rhyme, imagine filling your device with your energy so that it knows you and becomes attuned to your needs and wishes. Feel it become a part of your tool kit for working your will in the world, and thank it for its contribution.

Be sure to treat your devices as if they’re sacred. Keep them clean and happy, take care of them and they will take care of you! (And be sure to add some fun, special wallpapers for good measure!)

Let me know how you use your technological devices in a sacred way. Do you use them primarily for web-weaving and creating connections in the world? Do you use them to do good work in the world? How do you treat your devices like they’re sacred?

Blessed be! <3