Word Counts.

In the style of Cherie Priest, I’m going to start posting the word counts of everything I’m working on.  Hopefully this will be another way to get my ass in gear with the writing?  Hopefully?  Please?


HOF-paid 1                          731

June’s story                         3368

Novel                                   35,944 (I had previously gotten over 36,000, then edited a scene out)


I got to go to Dragon*Con for two days this past weekend.  And despite crashing and burning the first day (complete with limpy, bruisy knee injury), I had a great time.  I hit 5 writing panels, and also a ‘First Ladies of Writing’ panel with Mercedes Lackey, Laurell K. Hamilton, and Chelsea Quinn Yarbro.  I also had Tracy Hickman in one of the writing panels.  It was fucking FABULOUS!

It definitely inspired me to spend some more time writing, hence the daily word count.  Also, I’m going to type up the notes from the panels (and hopefully the panels from last year too), and post them here.  They may not be helpful to anyone but me, since I take notes on the things that really speak to me.  But at least they’ll be here where I can find them! 🙂