9/20/11 Word counts

HOF-paid 1                          1532

June’s story                         3368

Novel                                   35,944 (I had previously gotten over 36,000, then edited a scene out)


In related news, I think I named my novel.  And, by extension, my second novel.  I don’t want to reveal the name just yet, as I want to give it time to marinate a bit.  I want to spend some quality alone time with it and decide if it’s really what I need.  It feels right, but like most love affairs, it pays to be sure.

I’m also kind of stuck right now.  We’re low on groceries, eating weird concoctions that we put together out of hunger more than any sense of culinary discretion, and I WANT to work on the novel.  However, the paid eps of HOF will bring me shorter-term prosperity.  So what do I do? 

I think I’m going to spend today on that.  I think I can finish that by the end of this week if I really spend some time on it.  And then hopefully I will still have the desire to write the next scene in the novel.  It’s going to be a good one too, with a sissy friend entering the story.  That’s something that’s very relevant to my life right now.  🙂

I also happened upon jottify.com, which reminds me a bit of writerscafe.org.  I like it.  Very community based, and when I feel like I have something worth putting out there, it may be a great way to get some beta readers.  I know that my pacing needs work right now, and I know that my protagonist needs to LOSE her first battle.  I wrote it where she was rescued, but I don’t think that I want that anymore.  It will certainly help the story to make her a bit hungrier, more desperate.  We’ll see. 

I happened upon some software that I’m DYING for.  Liquid Story Binder ..  Sadly, it doesn’t come in Mac flavor.  🙁  I know that my laptop has a very limited time left on this earth, and so when I do have to scrape together funds to replace it, I suppose I’ll go back to a PC, though I hate the thought.  *shrug*

However, Scrivener has a PC version, but it just doesn’t have a lot of the same features that draw me to Liquid Story Binder.  :-  I really just wish that there was something that would work on all of my computers.  Liquid Story Binder lets you install it to a flash drive, and I fucking LOVE that concept.  It’s almost worth figuring out how to run an instance of Windows on the Mac just to use it.  I swore I would never do that, though.

I suppose I’ll just keep using My Writing Nook for now..