Word count 10/18

HOF-paid 1                          2392

June’s story                         3368

Altar of Change                   36,879 (Almost 1000 words.  Not great, but at least I wrote tonight.)



Other things I did tonight: 

I did some research, trying to find an Asian culture for one of my characters.  She’s going to be Filipino, because they’re very conservative.  That’s what I needed for the story. 

I also found out about dreadlock care.  I wanted to know if it was feasable for my character (with her dreadlocks) to submerge herself in a tub without ruining her locks.  She can.  It’s fine.  It will all be Ok.


I’m really trying to get back into the writing habit for NaNo.  I think I can actually do it.  I think I can sit down for a few hours each night, and make a go of it.  I think I may still be crazy.  :-

I was hoping to find a writing group for NaNo, and beyond, but I’ve only had one person who seemed interested. She’s great, but I was hoping for a group.  However, she writes a lot of the same things that my friend Iruka writes, so I kind of hinted that they should make friends.  They have.  🙂