Witchifying Your Work

I have to take a moment to be honest right now. I’m lucky in this regard because I work from home. In fact, I’m writing this in between work tasks. Don’t tell my managers!

But I’m sitting here at my desk, with a Pumpkin Bonfire candle going, surrounded by charm bags, stones and crystals, incense, and a big ol’ pentacle hanging from the edge of one of my monitors. (Thanks Estelle!) On a whim, I could go make a nice herbal tea or pet the kitty who would be my familiar if I asked her. I’m surrounded by bookcases covered in witchy books, tarot decks, oracle decks, and owl plushies. I have a beautiful, snowy, moonlit deer background on both of my monitors to remind me of the season. I know that I’m fortunate, and I don’t take it for granted.

But what do you do if you don’t work from home? I did that for a long time, too, and I learned some tips and tricks that might help you.

We’ll start with the most obvious.

  • Carry stones in your pocket, in your bra, or in your bag. If you want to take this a step further, you can make a pouch filled with work-assisting stones and herbs and carry that with you instead. Take a moment to hold them when you need to.
  • Create an essential oil blend that will substitute as a perfume and wear that into the office. Reapply as often as you feel like you need it, as a little magickal pick-me-up.
  • Draw a tarot card, or use some other form of divination every morning before work. This can help you see what kind of day you’ll have, as well as give you a focus for where you need to put your mental energy.
  • Can you listen to music at work? Create a playlist of sacred songs that bring you immediately to your spiritual place, and pop your ear buds in when you need a break. (Don’t do this if you’re operating heavy machinery!)
  • Pray or meditate in the restroom for 5 minutes. Even a short break to ground and center can help you face the rest of your day. Carry a picture of your deity in your wallet for a quick devotional moment of prayer at your desk.
  • Eat something healthy and delicious for your lunch period, and focus on your personal wellness and happiness.
  • Find coworkers of a like mind and make some friends. Don’t let people who are filled with negativity and blame into your circle. They’d probably feel uncomfortable there anyways.
  • Create a rhyme that will help you ground and center, cast off negativity, or calm yourself, depending on what sorts of problems your job brings you. For example, I can get crazy during my day, so a rhyme to calm myself amidst the chaos is really helpful!
  • Bring a journal and jot down positive things that happen in your day so you can focus on them.
  • Unless you really love, love, LOVE your job, leave it at work when you go home for the day. Do a quick cleansing ritual when you get home every day to slough off the frustrations of the day.

Some good stones for work are:

  • Anything grounding that will keep you on the right path, like moss agate, dendritic agate, petrified wood.
  • Black sapphire helps you retain a job.
  • Black tourmaline to soak up any negativity from coworkers.
  • Fluorite helps you be creative and think clearly, and also may help your computer work better.
  • Malachite to alleviate electromagnetic pollution you might find at your workplace.
  • Smoky quartz also helps reduce electromagnetic pollution and also negativity, so you get a double whammy there!

Some good herbs and essential oils for work are:

  • Lavender for stress relief if needed.
  • Peppermint for energy.
  • Rosemary for focus and rememberance.
  • Ylang ylang can help you find a job, and can help you seem irresistible during an interview.

These are just some ideas, but I know I’ve missed quite a few. What do you do to decompress during work hours, and bring spirituality back into your day?