What is the Witch Wound? (And ways to combat it.)

So I didn’t hear anything about the witch wound until a few years ago. And then, suddenly, I started hearing it everywhere. Have you been wondering, like me, what it is and where the term came from? You’re in luck! We’re going to go into it here.

The witch wound is given to women by society, by our parents, and by ourselves, and it makes us fear our own power. When our parents tell us to quiet down or behave like a lady, they’re feeding the witch wound. When society tells us that our main value is in our sexuality or our ability to birth and nurture babies, it’s feeding the witch wound. When the patriarchy devalues women, it feeds the witch wound. When anything at all disempowers women and teaches them not to trust their own inherent strengths and abilities, it feeds the witch wound.

But what can we do about it? I have some ideas.

  1. Find your voice. Do whatever it takes. Do you like to write? Do you like to speak into a microphone? Do you like to sing or dance? Find a way to express yourself and never look back!
  2. Practice good self-talk habits. Anytime you say something bad about yourself, correct yourself and then praise yourself. (This is a tough one for me, as I tend towards negative self-talk when I’m stressed or angry.)
  3. Get involved in a cause you care about. Lend your talents to something that matters. Pet welfare and adoption, anti-racism causes, housing inequities, income inequities, political movements, there’s so much out there to choose from, and there are so many organizations that can use your power!
  4. Set good boundaries and maintain them. Find the people that feed your strength, and keep them close. Find the people that drain you and keep them at arm’s length. Never let anyone keep you down!
  5. Practice good self-care. You’ve heard the phrase ‘you can’t pour from an empty cup’, right? It’s completely true. Feed yourself well, give yourself plenty of rest, get some pampering in when you need it. Keep yourself strong and powerful!

Now this is me, so you didn’t think you would get away from this post without a list of rocks, right? Not possible. So here’s a list of stones that will help keep you feeling empowered and strong. Carry them with you to remember that you have all the power in your life!

  • Agate brings strength, self-acceptance, and self-confidence. Helps you speak your truth. Courage in overcoming emotional trauma.
  • Moss agate strengthens self-esteem. Helps you expand your personal space and growth.
  • Aragonite helps provide strength and support, and helps you feel comfortable and well in your own body.
  • Chrysoberyl helps strengthen self-worth and releases outworn energy patterns.
  • Calcite enhances trust in oneself and the ability to overcome setbacks.
  • Red Chalcedony helps find your strength and persistence in reaching goals.
  • Chrysocolla invokes inner strength.
  • Fuchsite gives the strength to avoid conflict, instead choosing inner-wellness.
  • Garnet brings strength and stamina. Supports taking time for yourself.
  • Iron Pyrite helps women overcome servitude mindsets and inferiority complexes.
  • Red Jasper strengthens boundaries.
  • Kunzite encourages self-expression.
  • Labradorite strengthens faith in oneself. Imparts strength and perseverance.
  • Obsidian strengthens in times of need (especially for highly sensitive people.)
  • Mahogany Obsidian also gives strength in times of need, but also helps you eliminate energy blockages and stimulates growth on all levels.
  • Onyx gives strength and helps promote vigor, steadfastness, and stamina. Helps you be the mistress of your own destiny.
  • Pietersite helps you walk in your own truth. Helps you process suppressed feelings.
  • Rhyolite brings awareness of one’s own strength.
  • Sardonyx is a stone of strength and protection. Supplements willpower.
  • Spinel for physical vitality and strength.
  • Turquoise is a strengthening stone, helping you to release self-martyrdom and self-sabotage.
  • Zincite helps you find your own strength.

(All stone information is found in Judy Hall’s The Crystal Bible.)

What do you do to combat the witch wound in your everyday life? Let me know in the comments. Blessed be! <3