Tree Pollen Magick

Pollen. Love it or hate it, you’ve got to deal with it. Here in Georgia in March, it colors everything from cars to streets to the air. Everything is just covered with this yellow haze of allergy-inducing powder of nightmares.

But there has to be some sort of magickal use for this stuff, right? When I did some research, I found nada. But if we look at the things we associate with pollen, we might be able to find some uses for it.

First, pollen is associated with Spring. The trees are ‘waking up’ and spreading their pollen far and wide in an effort to continue the species. If that doesn’t scream fertility and Springtime, nothing does. As I’m writing this, a thick haze of pollen is coating everything I can see out of my window, and maple samaras (aka helicopters) are dropping all over my lawn. It’s kind of beautiful if I’m not out there breathing it in.

Second, take a look at the local trees around you to see what kind of pollens you’re likely to encounter. Here in Georgia, the bulk of the yellow stuff comes from pine trees. And pine symbolizes fertility, longevity, protection, and money. (Thanks Gypsey Elain Teague and The Witch’s Guide to Wands!) So could an abundance of pollen also symbolize an abundance of money? Sure! Intention is everything. So use this ingredient for money spells if you’d like.

Third, pollen is usually a bright, cheery yellow. Yellow symbolizes happiness and joy, and is great for bringing your mood up. So you could collect some to remind you of better days when you’re down, and keep it in a little shaker jar. It will also bring back the joy of Spring during darker times, and help you remember that the wheel always turns.

Fourth, pollen is a pain in the ass for allergy sufferers. So, if you think about it in those terms, it could be used for baneful magick for irritating someone. I usually don’t participate in baneful magick, but if you need it, it’s an abundant ingredient that you could definitely use to your advantage to irritate someone who needs to go away. Do what you need to do within the framework of your own practice and personal beliefs.

Are you starting to see the theme here? Everything is magick if we make it so, even annoying ingredients like pollen. So think of some associations you may have for it, and think about how you can work with it magickally. You might surprise yourself!

Blessed be. <3

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Pollens nature’s dust…it’s a gift because it helps with growth of plant life…just not necessarily humansšŸ¤£

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