I do want to try to write something every day. Even if it’s just a sentence or a blog about writing or something similar.  I think it’s really a good habit to get into.

However, Sunday is the day that will try my resolve.  On Sunday, I work the shop from 1-4, and it’s usually a pretty busy day.  Then I come back, and work chat from 6-12.  Add to that the absolute certainty that Phantom and I were up late the night before, and I got very little sleep, and you can imagine how bloody fucking exhausted I am on Sundays. 

(Incidentally, people who chat on Sunday evenings are assholes, since they put all their little weekend tasks off until the very last minute, and they take it out on me.  So I’m also usually in a terrible mood.)

There really isn’t time to write at the shop, since customers come in non-stop. There isn’t time to write during my breaks before I chat or when I’m chatting, since I’m usually running home, running errands, dashing to the restroom and making myself something to eat. 

So, honestly, my eyes are bleary and my hands hurt.  I didn’t mean to turn this into bitch fest, but as far as writing goes, this may be it for me today. 

I really would love the idea of at least opening my document every day to check back in, though.  I keep losing touch with my story, and that’s not helping me, since I have to catch back up every time I do try to start up again.  I lose valuable writing time that way.  But I do fall in love with my story again..

Maybe if I open it and read just the last section, every day, I can STAY in love with the story.  Maybe it will infest my waking thoughts a little more, so that I can’t wait to find time to write.  Maybe it will infest my dreaming mind, and I can dream some brilliant plot twist.  Maybe I’m punchy from exhaustion and need to stop blogging.

Yeah, that’s probably it.  😛

I think I may just work on some character sketches, since that’s the part I really love.  I’ll write out some notes about Vine tonight.  Will make it private, however. 

The main thing that people need to know about Vine is that she’s basically me, but in a different situation.  She’s a bit skinnier, more pagan and spiritual, will be able to make a living doing something that I love, and has long, blue dreadlocks. The dreadlocks will have a part to play in the story.  🙂