Also, a trick..

Today I unfollowed some people on Twitter that I never really interact with or that stopped followimg me some time ago. It feels fabulous. Makes me NOT dread checking TweetDeck anymore.

I’ve also organized a lot of lists. Some lists, I mostly ignore now, while I pay special attention to others. The two lists I love right now are ‘Writers’ and ‘Artists’. These are the lists that feed me a daily dose of inspiration.

I also created an AmieRavenson Twitter, and I put myself on the ‘Writers’ list. So now every time I update here, I show up in the same list as a lot of authors whose work ethic or writing skill I really admire.

I’m hoping it will be one of those happy little shift-of-consciousness things that might help me take all this a bit more seriously. It certainly couldn’t hurt.

At the very least it gives me a happy when I see my avatar in that list. So that’s a start. Maybe one day I’ll be able to convince myself that I do belong there, or that I’ve earned my place.

I’m going to go look right after I post this. 🙂