Tarot- March 6th, 2016

I’m going to be honest here.   I’ve never really connected with the deck I used today.   (The Witches Tarot by Ellen Cannon Reed)  There are things I like about it,  but overall, I’ve just never gotten a good reading from these cards.

I originally bought them for 2 reasons.   First,  there are no borders,  and I really love that.   Second,  the suits follow a more traditional Pagan alignment- wands represent air and Swords represent fire.   There was a time that seemed really important to me,  but when I used them,  I found that I didn’t love it like I thought I would.   Also,  the art seems kind of rough.

I’m not saying this is a bad deck,  just saying it doesn’t work for me.   So if I know anyone that would like to work with them,  I’d be happy to gift them.  I know I’m a little picky and particular about my decks,  but I still have that dream of finding THE ONE.


Tarot pull March 6
Tarot pull March 6

The first thing I notice here is that we drew 3 cards with strong figures wearing blue robes.   Blue can be symbolic of wisdom, thought, communication,  and can be associated with the throat Chakra. OR, we could go in an elemental direction and see it as emotional water.   The cups card suggests a water leaning, while Justice would suggest wisdom/communication.   Keep that in mind if you read these to glean your own meaning.   See what feels true for you.   I’m going with the wisdom/communication angle because that’s what feels right to me.

In the past position,  we have Justice.   So there was some decision made in our past the was made with rational intellect. All sides were weighed,  and the decision reached was fair.

In the present,  we have The High Priestess reversed.   This suggests that we’re not currently following our intuition,  or that we’re not being told the truth.   Maybe because we were focused on rationality in our pasts,  we’ve lost touch with the intuitive/psychic gifts of the High Priestess,  and lost our ability to intuit the truth?

In the future position,  we have the King of Cups reversed.   This shows a future of emotional turbulence and upheaval.   In this position,  next to the High Priestess reversed,  it could also mean that we’re not using our intuition,  and we may end up trusting someone who will cause emotional stress or who will lie to us.

SO this reading is obviously a warning.   We need to trust our inner voice,  the feminine aspects of deep knowing that can warn us away from this person or situation.

Does this reading ring true for you at all?   Please let me know in the comments if you have an interpretation that works for you!

Blessed be!   🙂


  1. Right on. Pretty close to how I would have read this same reading with this very same deck. 🙂

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