Tarot- July 17th, 2016

Sorry, this one’s late again.  Ghostbusters happened.  Then Pokemon.  Also lots of weird, random errands all over town.  I’ve actually been doing quite a lot lately, and it’s been a lot of fun.  We’ve been enjoying ourselves, and it’s been a great break from all the stress and anxiety of the last few months.

I’ve also been a little frustrated that I can’t record my tarot videos right now.  I really felt like I was rolling with those before my phone died, and I guess that’s been bleeding over into other self-assigned projects that I’ve been doing.  It’s tough to keep up your momentum when your technology is working against you.  I’m hoping to have a new phone soon, though, and will pick those back up.  🙂

As per usual, I’m using the Wildwood Tarot deck.

Tarot July 17

In the past position, we have the Six of Arrows (swords), or Transition.  So we had to let go of the way that we were doing/seeing things, and move into a new mindset.  We took a look at our processes and made a change for the better in order to embrace something new.

In the present position, we have the Two of Arrows (swords), or Injustice.  There’s something happening that’s just not fair.  There’s some situation that’s being manipulated through fear, greed, or lies.  The truth is being subverted somehow.

In the future position, we have The King of Arrows (swords), or Kingfisher, reversed.  Normally, this card is about exerting your judgment, willpower, and power to cut free of anything that would constrain you.  But with this card reversed, the kingfisher is no longer flying free.  He is mired in the mud, and drowning in a situation where he cannot exercise his will.  So our hands are going to be tied.  We can’t do anything to get out of this unfair position this week.

So this week’s reading is kind of unfortunate.  It’s meaningful to me, as I’m in the middle of a weird legal thing right now, and I’m taking the steps to move ahead.  It’s apparently not meant to be this week, and I didn’t think it would be a quick or easy thing anyways.  Looks like I’ll be dealing with it for a while.

Hope everyone is having a great week otherwise.  Blessed be!  🙂


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