Tarot- April 24th, 2016

So I was supposed to have a new deck to show you today, but Amazon sent me the wrong one.  Honestly, if it was a deck I was interested in I probably would have kept it, but it was the Revelations Tarot, which I already have.  So next week I’ll have a new deck to play with.  I guess that’s good, because I’ll have a chance to properly bless and bond with it before the reading, which will make for a better reading anyways.

Still, I’m disappointed.  Oh well.

So I went with my standby, The Sacred Circle Tarot by Anna Franklin and Paul Mason.  It’s always comfortable, and I get the best readings from it.

Tarot April 24
Tarot April 24

In the past position, we have the King of Swords.  He’s here to show that we have spent a lot of our past educating ourselves and utilizing our intellect and reason.   We have made good decisions, or had someone in our lives that gave us good council.

In the present position, we have the 9 of Cups reversed.  This shows that we currently have a wish that isn’t being fulfilled.  There’s something we really want that we aren’t getting.  It can also mean a lack of resources.  (Ain’t THAT the truth?)

In the future position, we have the 7 of Swords reversed.  This indicates that there has been some sort of deception happening, and that it will be revealed.  It may also indicate getting good counsel, possibly even in a legal context.


I’m noticing too, that in the last few Tarot (not oracle) readings I’ve done, the Swords and Cups have figured heavily. So the overall trend is that we’re trying to balance our emotions with intellect.  I find that this is a constant struggle for me, and I’m wondering if that’s a common problem in the Spring.  As the weather gets better, we become a bit more expansive.  We emerge from the self-induced introversion of the Winter and begin to stretch our limbs.  Growth is a theme, but with growth sometimes emotional upheaval is inevitable.  Perhaps we’re spending more time trying to balance ourselves than we would otherwise?

I know what this reading means for me, though it’s a bit personal to share here.  It’s very clear, however.  I’m curious to find out if this reading has a personal meaning for you?  Please let me know in the comments.

Blessed be!  🙂

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