Tarot- April 10th, 2016

Today I’m using my old standby, the Sacred Circle Tarot by Anna Franklin and Paul Mason.

Tarot April 10
Tarot April 10

In the past position, we have the 5 of Cups.  This card is showing us that we have suffered loss, grief, and sorrow.  It can also represent regret, but while there are 3 upright cups, we are more focused on the two that have fallen and spilled their contents.

In the present position, we have the 8 of Wands.  This is showing that we are currently successful despite the grief and regrets of the past.  We are in a happy relationship, achieving our goals, and finding happiness and pleasure.  That’s a great card after the pain from our past!

In the future position, we have the Ace of Swords, which represents a beginning of an undertaking that will be successful.  This is a symbol of intellect in action, being powerful and in control.  You have the focus to do what needs to be done in a logical way.

This is the reading we’ve been waiting for!  The last two weeks were about dealing with our pasts and the negative energy that was still affecting us from those bad times.  It looks like we’ve taken some steps and are on the right track again!


After last week’s reading, I tried to take the lessons to heart.  I faced a fear that I have, and submitted one of the poems I’ve written for NaPoWriMo to a publisher for a Pagan anthology.  She dug it, and it’s being published!  I’m hoping to submit some more, and hopefully that will help build my confidence enough to get on with the task of editing/publishing my novel.  I’m not letting fear paralyze me anymore.  🙂

(I’ll pimp the book once it’s published. 🙂

I’ve also started keeping a bullet journal after I won one from BohoBerry.com in a contest.  The journal itself is a lovely Leuchtturm 1917 that’s specifically geared toward bullet journaling.  But the main draw for me is that it’s helping me organize my tasks, my goals, my word to focus on for the day, moon phases, which day of the week belongs to which Matron/Patron deity, etc.  I’ve been getting a lot more done because of the joy of being able to check things off my list.  I highly recommend it for anyone.


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