Strike 1!

It just occurred to me today that I didn’t write a single damn thing yesterday.

I did record two podcasts, so at least I did something creative, but still.  That really doesn’t count.  So punishing myself isn’t going to work, and feeling like shit about it won’t do anything either.  The more writing becomes a chore, the less I’ll want to do it.  So I need to brush myself off and move onward tonight.  No guilt, just hope for the future!

Tonight I’ll be editing one of those podcasts, so I’ll be able to do a little bit of light work while I do.  I’m probably going to work on Vine’s bio.  I won’t have to concentrate on that too hard. I’ve seen a lot of authors say that they build a collage about their characters with words and pictures, and I might do that as a document or something similar wtih her character sketch included.  That way, it will be there when I need to go back and refresh myself on details, etc.

I’d like to build in some more quirks, but since she’s basically me, she already has some.  (Can’t get enough sugar, picks things up off the ground and carries them in her pockets..)

I also hope to write some on the story itself.  But even if I just get to the character sketch(es), I’ll be happy.

On an unrelated note, this cold is killing my hands.  Trying to chat in the office is like medieval torture.  My hands cramp and freeze.  It sucks..  🙁