Season of The Witch Movies- The Witching review

The Witching (on Amazon Prime)

This movie starts with 4 paranormal podcasters camping in the middle of Woodland Valley Forest (home of the Woodland Valley Witch), where they’re uploading videos, tweeting, etc.  So apparently, these super-haunted, deep, dark woods are next to a Walmart or something with WiFi.  Scaaarrryyyy…

They start telling stories by the camp fire, and each one is pretty boring and basic.  But the crazy kids are all melodramatic about telling them, and it’s overall somewhat silly.  The stories do get better as it goes on, but really, it’s like a few episodes of Are You Afraid of the Dark pressed together into a movie.

Do I regret watching?  No.  Was it a GOOD movie?  No.  Was it a way to spend an evening?  Sure.

4/10 broomsticks.  Meh.