Season of the Witch Movies- The Mini Witch review

The Mini Witch on Amazon Prime

Ok, this one was goddamned adorable.  It’s a Dutch movie with English dubbed in, but that just adds flavor.

In this movie, we follow the adventures of Fuchsia, the mini witch, who hatches from a glowing egg, meets her father, goes to witch school (where they make things like fart feathers), and gets to celebrate the Witches New Year.  Goddamned adorable.  They say things like ‘Wakka Flakka Doooo!’  There are musical numbers.

Predictably, the nasty humans come to tear down Witch Woods, and Fuchsia makes a human friend, Tommy, who helps her to thwart their plans.  Spoiler alert: the witches win.

7 out of 10 broomsticks.  This is a great one if you’re in the mood for something cute and light with fun costuming.