Poem- A Daily Prayer


A Daily Prayer

I give thanks to the Maiden for this day
For all the opportunities and new beginnings
For the unbearable beauty of the world
For energy and enthusiasm to enjoy it

I give thanks to the Mother for this day
For all my loved ones and those that love me
For the joy of creating and nurturing
For the strength and love to birth my life

I give thanks to the Crone for this day
For the wisdom and spirituality I have gathered
For the knowledge to choose the correct path
For the authority to be independent

I give thanks to the Horned God for this day
For the wild, primal spirit inside my heart
For the balance in nature and inside myself
For the bravery to fight for what I know is right


OK, I’ll admit I’ve written some not-so-good poems this month.  There have been several where I suddenly realized at 10pm that I hadn’t written anything for the day, so I just scrawled something and didn’t edit or revise it at all.  But this one I really like.  In fact, I may print it and keep it next to my bed.  It seems like a good first-thing-in-the-morning and last-thing-at-night prayer.  🙂


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