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  1. Syrbal/Labrys
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    Yay for home-brewing! Here, on a chilly hilltop in the Pacific Nor’west, grapes are a bit iffy. But what we make is mead — the best meads of the house here are not only made from marvelous raw honey, but infused with flower nectar from various blossoms in our garden. We make a honeysuckle mead that delights, and an andromeda mead that makes your fingertips tingle. Later in summer, rose petal mead is made every few years, and soon we will have enough fall-blooming heather to make a fall instead of spring heather mead!

  2. Syrbal/Labrys
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    My son is frustrated…he plans to marry next summer and has been working on a champagne mead. It is unpredictable — one bottle with have the bubbles, and the one right next to it will be still as spring water. I bet that orange blossom and cocoa nibs one was killer delicious!

    One of the unusual ones we liked had rhodiola and rose hips. We never could get that one clear though..no matter what. We think something in the rhodiola kept it roiled. We based it on a old recipe for “Warriors Mead”….so we called our cloudy but great tasting version “Fog of War” mead.

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