NaNo prep..

What have I done to prepare for NaNo? 

Not a whole hell of a lot.  I honestly meant to plan out at least the next two sections, but it’s been a no-go so far.  Why?  Well I’ve applied for a new job, and it’s been a fucking crisis trying to get all my paperwork done and turned in. 

Also, my brain just isn’t working towards the future like that.  It will HAVE to kick into gear on November 1st.  I’m just keeping the faith that I’ll find things to write about when I have to. 

I did finally download Scrivener and import what I have so far.  I had never really played with it much before, but the idea of being able to break it down into sections, and move those sections around is seriously appealing for my editing process.  I’m jazzed about that.  I just have to come up wtih the $45 to register it, and I’ll be golden. 

In the process of adding that and splitting the sections up, I’ve fallen back in love with my characters and my story.  I have enough distance that I can see what needs to be rewritten and improved, but overall, I think I have a good thing going.  I’m going to try to get to 40,000 in the next few days so that I can start there and move to 90,000 over the course of the month.  We’ll see how that goes.  😉

As it is, I need a few more accidents and mishaps for my protag to go through.  That’s what this section is about..  All the little things that can go wrong in your daily. I’ve already had her lock herself out of the house, blow up some soap and burn down part of her garden, and twist her ankle.  There should be more.  😀