My Writing Life, April 5, 2015

Wow. I totally blew this off yesterday. Didn’t even think about it once. I had kind of a rough day, between the pollen getting into my system and inflaming everything that’s already inflamed (my joints always get swollen and painful when the yellow stuff is falling), and some emotional stuff over on Facebook. Basically, it was a grim reminder of the death of a loved one, and kind of a death watch for a family member and a friend of the family. (Lots of death dreams about one of them too. :-\) That sort of thing always puts me in a weird, shaky headspace. So I crashed and burned.

Seriously. I woke up, wrote my Morning Pages, drew my tarot card, made a quickie breakfast and coffee, sat down at my computer, visited Facebook, and my vision started blurring. It’s like all the energy just leaves my body, and I’m left with that feeling you get after a serious adrenaline rush where you’re shaky and numb and disconnected. So the day was shot before it started. I was pretty much good for a bubble bath, dinner, and napping yesterday. I don’t say these things for sympathy, just hoping that if someone reads this and goes through something similar, they’ll know they’re not alone.

That being said, this week I:

* Went with my super-talented acting husbear to his movie shoot on Saturday. We were there all night, and didn’t get home until 7am. The shoot was in an enormous warehouse filled with carnival games and prizes, and we enjoyed lounging on some bouncy castles for a bit. If his costume was easier to get in and out of, there would have been hijinks. But oh well. The point is that during the waiting periods, I actually found a nice desk and got some serious editing done. So I got to socialize, watch my Bear be talented, AND PROGRESS IN MY EDITING. I felt really good about that.

* Started the April session of Camp NaNoWriMo. My original goal was 40K, but I’ve been having a rough start so I may drop it to 30K. It feels like a copout, but I’m supposed to avoid stress. And NOBODY can stress like I can when I set a goal for myself and then beat myself up for not making it. I’m a Capricorn. It’s a thing.

I had to reread the 44K that I had already written (I thought I had finished much less than that), so that took up the first two days. So, needless to say, I’m way behind. I’ll be writing all tonight and tomorrow.

* Continued on my Morning Pages, though I reduced my writing to 2 pages during NaNo. It takes time to get all of that shit out, and that’s time I should be working on NaNo.

* Turned in my first (ridiculous) timesheet to Bear. I was 2 hours short, and so I got a penny instead of a silver dollar. It was a wheat penny. Did I mention that I collect old coins? 😛

* Got a Winsor and Newton Cotman Sketchers’ Pocket Box. What does that have to do with writing? It’s kind of related. I’ve always been more of a visual artist than a writer. I participated in several collaborative projects and even had some works displayed in a public installation. Creativity all comes from the same source. But I’ve been away from visual arts for a while, and focusing completely on my writing instead.

The Right Brainers in Business Summit gave me the bug to pick up some paints again. So when NaNo is over, I’m going to continue giving myself writing and editing goals, in addition to giving myself a visual arts day where I can clear my mind and put colors on paper. There’s something about painting that makes me giddy, and I had put it aside for a while. It’s time to get back to it. PLUS, I think I might have an idea for a somewhat decent watercolor cover for Altar of Change. It’ll be dark and misty and moody, and lovely. Hopefully. *crosses fingers*

* Made a new NaNo writing friend. (Hi Cydni!) Her website is way more together than mine is, and hasn’t devolved into a personal blog. She’s writing in the Walking Dead universe, and I can’t wait to see what she writes! Her website is Go check it out!

* Spent a fair amount of time flirting via text with a cute, primal, Pagan friend. That counts as writing, doesn’t it? Don’t worry, Bear knows and approves. 🙂


This week, I want to catch up to my word count goal for NaNo, and also fit in 5 hours of editing. If I can just get myself back to my routine and do what needs to be done to avoid sick days, I should be able to manage. Wish me luck. 🙂

None of these are my husbear, though they are awfully dapper!
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