Money Magick

There are several different terms to use when working with this sort of magick.

Abundance means that more than enough of whatever you need or want comes to you. This can be tricky, as I’ve worked spells asking for abundance and gotten an abundance of cats or weekend plans. Nice, but not exactly what I intended.

Prosperity brings money, but can also bring property, investments, or other things that don’t necessarily help you pay the bills that are due this week. Prosperity is great for a long-term goal or a life planning mindset.

Then there’s money magick, clear and simple. This is what we want if we’re trying to pad our wallets with a little extra.

So know what it is that you’re asking for before you ask. The more clear and direct you can make your petition, the better. The universe and the powers that be like it when you know exactly what it is that you want.

Here are some things to use in your spellwork!

Herbs for Attracting Money/Prosperity/Abundance

  • Almond- prosperity rituals and money incenses
  • Basil- wealth and prosperity rituals
  • Bayberry- brings prosperity to the home
  • Bryony- causes your riches to grow
  • Chamomile- use in prosperity charms
  • Cinnamon- add to prosperity blends
  • Cinquefoil- attracts money
  • Fir- prosperity magick
  • High John the Conqueror- annoint the root with a prosperity oil and carry as a talisman
  • Honeysuckle- for prosperity rituals
  • Hyssop- increases finances
  • Mint- prosperity and increasing business
  • Poppy- carry the seeds or a dried seed pod as a prosperity talisman

(From Scott Cunningham’s Magical Herbalism)

Stones for Attracting Money/Prosperity/Abundance

  • Aventurine- a positive stone of prosperity
  • Black agate- for courage and prosperity
  • Carnelian- invites abundance into the home
  • Citrine- the stone of prosperity, attracts wealth and abundance
  • Dendritic agate- brings abundance and fullness
  • Green tourmaline- brings prosperity and abundance
  • Hawk’s Eye- attracts abundance
  • Moss agate- attracts abundance
  • Ruby- retains wealth
  • Sapphire- brings prosperity (especially yellow)
  • Vanadinite- helps you retain your money and curb overspending
  • Zincite- attracts abundance (spiritual and physical)

(From Judy Hall’s Crystal Bible)